Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins (2018-2019)

Amazon is a trillion-dollar company in eCommerce and I am sure everyone knows about its associate program. It allows the website owners to create affiliate links for Amazon products and earn commission on each sale when someone clicks on the affiliate link and buys the product from Amazon. This program is free to join and easy to use for everyone with certain conditions. In terms of complexity, creating Amazon affiliate links is a very simple process but in case you’re promoting a large number of products then you need tools to automate and show extra features of products to attract buyers to click on affiliate links, this is where Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins help to make process easier for website owners and bloggers to save time and earn more affiliate commission. Before discussing amazon affiliate plugins, I would like to list some of the benefits which these plugins can provide.

  • Easy to add product links in your WordPress post with few clicks.
  • Add images of products of different sizes.
  • Show the prices, reviews, and features of products.
  • Add to cart functionality to keep 90 days.
  • Comparison of different product’s features.

As a matter of fact, according to Wikipedia more than 60 Million Sites using WordPress as CMS and it’s rapidly increasing. There are a lot of Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress out there but this list contains only those which provides unique and better features as compared to other WordPress plugins for amazon affiliate program.

Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate


EasyAzon Amazon WordPress Plugin-min

EasyAzon is one of the most famous and easy to use WordPress plugin. This plugin saves a lot of time and can create affiliate links directly from WordPress editor with the single click, it can add text links, image links, CTA blocks or info blocks which show product and price. It’s Pop-Ups feature attract user quickly that can lead to the instant sale of that product. In addition to this, It also supports the setup of multiple tracking ids for international traffic to increase revenue.

The setup of EasyAzon plugin is very easy to install like any other plugin and then provide information for your amazon associate account which is access Key, secret key, tracking id and you are good to add affiliate links.

EasyAzon license is one time buying and then allowed to use on unlimited sites, besides this upon buying you will receive an ultimate amazon affiliate course as a bonus. Last but not least EasyAzon Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin license comes with 30 days’ money-back guaranteed.


ThirstyAffiliates WordPress Plugin-min

ThirstyAffiliates is another plugin which allows website owners and bloggers to add/remove or management of affiliate links. It is not only limited to Amazon affiliates links; it supports any kind of affiliate links. Here are some of advance features and options from ThirstyAffiliates which you can get using add-on plugins. These add-on plugins can be purchased separately or you can buy them as a bundle with a onetime fee.

  • Amazon API Importing: This add-on allows to search affiliate links and images directly from Amazon and import into ThirstyAffiliates.
  • Automatic keyword Linking: Choose specific words and affiliate link for each word, Autolinker will auto insert affiliate link for that word in your blog wherever that word used.
  • Advance Statistics Reports: Detailed reporting on affiliates links such as links performance for 24 hours and Geolocation reports etc.
  • Link Health Checker: Automatically detect and report if there are 404 or broken affiliates links
  • Link Event Notification Emails: Automatically send an email alert to admin when a certain limit is reached, for example, email will be sent to admin when 1000 clicks on a link within 24 hours’ period
  • CSV Import / Export Tool: Import and export your affiliate links via CSV, in this way you can manage links on multiple sites.

AmazonJs WordPress Plugin

AmazonJS Affiliate Plugin

AmazonJS is a free Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin which uses `amazonjs’ short code with help of jQuery template to show Amazon products. After Installing this plugin, a small Amazon button will appear in WordPress editor and by click that a search form will appear where you can search Amazon products by “keyword” or “ASIN”.

This plugin has been installed so far 20000 times and it’s updated last time 2 years ago. As it’s a free plugin so no support is available, however, you can get some support from WordPress community forums.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP)

WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

AAWP is the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin for an increase in click-through rate and revenue. It uses Product Adverting API to pull all the information for a product such as a name, image, description, price, discounted price and it keeps updating that information in real time from Amazon.

AAWP plugin setup is quite easy and in Amazon API settings you just need to add some information such as access key, secret key and your affiliate tracking id. Once setup is completed, add a small short code which will show links in visual styles like text links, single product box, bestseller lists, product comparison, and widget. You can also add custom styles or create new templates in case you don’t like the default designs.

AAWP is a paid Amazon plugin which can be bought for a single site or multiple sites with premium support in English and German if you face any issue. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin offers 30 days’ money-back guaranteed.

Amazon Auto Links – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

Amazon Auto Links WordPress Plugin

Michael Uno is the developer behind this awesome and free Amazon associates affiliate plugin. If you are tired of inserting manually Amazon links then you must try Amazon Auto Links, with minimal efforts you can add your affiliate links to post with many available options to generate handful income. Here are few major features from Amazon Auto Links.

  • Locales Support: It almost support all countries Amazon affiliate programs such as US, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, and Others.
  • No JavaScript: It will work flawlessly if the browser doesn’t have Java Script support or turn off due to security reasons.
  • Automatic Insertion: You have many options to enable or disable links on specific pages by post type, post Id or page type. You can also make those links static so they will remain active even after deactivating the plugin.
  • Filter Products: If you don’t like certain products then you have option create an allow or block list by product title, description, and ASIN
  • Languages: Currently it is supporting only 2 languages English and Japanese

Amazon Link Engine

Amazon Link Engine Affiliate Plugin

No one wants to lose money, so here Amazon Link Engine WordPress plugin helps you to maximize your revenue by converting all your Amazon affiliate links to localized links so the visitor will redirect to their own country amazon store for international affiliate commissions. This plugin is developed by Geniuslink, you are not required to create an account with Geniuslink unless you want to earn a commission from localized Amazon stores. Let’s discuss some of the premium features of this plugin.

  • No API: You don’t need to Sign up for Amazon Developer account or API.
  • Configuration: You just need to do the one-time configuration first time and later it will be handled by Geniouslink.
  • Tracking: You can setup this plugin on multiple websites and then track click from one dashboard.
  • Simplicity: It is very simple and user-friendly to understand and operate, besides this first-class support available to resolve issues quickly.

Amazon Link Builder

Amazon Associates Link Builder Plugin

Amazon Link Builder WordPress plugin is officially from Amazon. You don’t need to buy expensive paid affiliate plugin. This plugin is a just right choice for searching products in the Amazon catalog, real-time price and easy to create links on your web pages by means of text links, widgets or templates.

Currently, 50,000 websites are using this plugin and Amazon support is quite active to resolve all reported issues as well as offering new features. Link Builder is currently in beta form and it’s not revealed when the final version will be available.

Amazon Link Builder allows you to search products directly from WordPress Editor. It always shows up-to-date information about products such as description prices or discounts. You can use short codes or readymade or custom templates for affiliate links. In terms of security, you can control each user access of this plugin using roles in WordPress.

Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA 2 Pro)

Amazon Simple Affiliate Plugin

Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin setup can be complex in some cases but Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA 2 Pro) made this very easy and flexible to embed Amazon products in your web pages. Other plugins, it also uses Amazon API and supports almost all locale stores for maximum earning from every sale coming from your website. Let’s discuss some of the best features offered by ASA 2 Pro.

  • Product Repository: You can store your favorite products in “Repo” and it reduces the page load time by not sending every request to Amazon API.
  • Internationalized: Your website visitors will be redirected to their country Amazon store for a better experience and it also increases the chances of buying products.
  • Bestseller Lists: By using Amazon’s RSS feed, you can show bestseller lists on your product page and that will change in real time without any manual changes.
  • Custom Templates: In addition to managed templates, you have the option to create your own custom templates easily.
  • SEO & HTTPS: To keep in mind that SEO plays a major part on eCommerce stores, ASA 2 pro provides all SEO features and use HTTPS features to download images from Amazon.

Prosociate – Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Plugin

Ultimate Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Prosociate is a premium WordPress plugin which can be used on any kind of affiliate website, Woocommerce Store or Amazon niche review site. One of its premium features is to update the price of products and their availability in real time with one click.

It’s a paid Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin with life time support and updates for unlimited sites of Amazon and eBay. You will have 30 days’ refund policy as well.

  • Powerful Search: With its unique search mechanism, you can search by bestsellers, as well as, export Amazon ASINs in a CSV file.
  • Better Performance: Latest version support for PHP7 and remote images to make the website faster for a better experience.
  • Pricing Updates: You can update the prices directly from WordPress with One click. Further, in paid version you can manage products easily like mark out of stock or save as draft.
  • Google Optimized: Prosociate extremely focus on SEO that’s why it provides out of the box optimization like auto-generated “Product” Microdata and API link generation.

Amazon Link

Amazon Link WordPress Plugin

Amazon Link WordPress plugin allows you to quickly add Amazon affiliate links to your post and pages on WordPress. It supports different kinds of products links from text links to images or complex templates.

  • ShortCode: Easy to use the shortcode to generate products links within seconds.
  • Global Options: To change the behavior of all links on the site.
  • Localisation: Like other plugins, it also supports for localization of Amazon affiliate links.
  • Cache: It caches the product details to allow pages to load quickly.
  • Templates: Beside built-in templates, you can create your own templates effortlessly

Easy Amazon Links

Easy Amazon Link WordPress Plugin

Easy Amazon Links plugin is a right choice for beginners, it is very easy for installation and creating simple text links for Amazon products with Amazon affiliate tracking id. It doesn’t require Amazon API setup.

You can set up 2 types of links, product detail page using ASIN or by default search result. Support for all Amazon store worldwide is available with Geotargeting functionality. You can also customize links with shortcode. There more options can be set using configuration page of Easy Amazon links WordPress plugin.

As we have seen, there are many free and paid Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins available, however, only a few are worth to install and test their unique features, In this post, we have tried to list all the available best affiliate plugins which are being used by many affiliate website owners. if you know any other Amazon affiliate plugin, you can mention below in comments and we will add in this list.


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